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I'm looking for new partners

QUESTION : Are you willing to earn up to $105,43 EVERY DAY in exchange for 15-20 minutes of your time?

If the answer is YES, this smartphone mini-job is for you :

From Clément Fournier’s office, in New York.


By clicking on this page, you’ve been added to our waiting list.

If you leave it, you’ll lose your place on the list, so read this short presentation carefully now.

And if earning up to $105.43 a day in just a few minutes on the Internet sounds too good to be true…

I’m going to explain it all to you on this page!

And in just a few minutes, you’ll be ready to start this new mini job and generate your first income tonight!

Rest assured, no skills are required in advance.

All you have to do is download a free google extension and follow the simple steps I’ll show you in a moment…

But before that, there are two important conditions:

  • You need to find 15-20 minutes of free time a day
  • And you must have a smartphone OR a computer


If you agree with these conditions, please read on:

This quick and easy mini job can be done by absolutely anyone…

You can do it alongside your job, your studies, when you’re unemployed or even when you retire!

But not everyone will be able to take advantage of it:

This means that places are extremely limited.

So to secure yours, stay on this page and read on carefully, or you risk losing this opportunity forever.

By the way, several people like you have already started this mini job…

Right now, they’re cashing in new earnings EVERY day, directly into their bank or PayPal account.

Here’s an example of some of them:

This reliable, long-term additional income could enable you to…

➡️ Take a breath and stop worrying about your finances and the next expensive bill

➡️ Put money aside every month and NEVER be in the red again

➡️ Be able to treat YOU and your loved ones

The choice is yours…

Ask yourself:

what would you do with an extra up to $105.43 every day?

That’s an extra up to $3,163 every month.

Will you be moving to a more comfortable apartment?

Would you like to take a few days’ vacation in the sun ?

You’ll be giving gifts to people who mean something to you?

All this is FINALLY possible, thanks to this quick and easy mini job…

And remember, it’s nothing like what you’ve seen before… it’s not MLM, affiliation, dropshipping or anything else!

In reality, I’m simply offering you a partnership with me and my existing businesses.

You really can be a complete beginner, and you won’t have to invest a single cent of your own money.

You won’t even have to work every day. Of course, on the days you don’t do anything, you won’t get paid…

But just before I explain everything in detail, and the role you’ll have to play, let me introduce myself:

Hello, my name is Clément Fournier, nice to meet you!

Over the past 3 years, I’ve built 18 websites.

Many of you probably know me without even knowing it…

Because some of my websites have had several million visitors this year alone:

And yet, I was never destined to make such a good living on the web.

Originally, I was just a computer technician at Virgin Mobile.

I earned $1,600 a month and lived with my wife and daughter in a small town lost in the countryside…

At the time, I often saw people on the Internet who were literally changing their lives thanks to online business.

Teenagers… retired people… former employees, who were now earning a much better living on the web:

And all the while, I was watching my family’s financial situation worsen week by week.

Maybe like you, I was tired of depriving myself all the time, of feeling that my life wasn’t moving forward… and that I’d probably never be able to have the life I wanted (for me and my family).

So I decided to give it my all.

I embarked on my web adventure 5 years ago, as a COMPLETE novice. But not everything went according to plan.

The beginnings were more than complicated, as I spent 5 months without earning a single dollar!

And if you’ve been looking for a way to make money on the Internet, I can tell you that…

I know your situation inside out!

For a long time, I looked for and tried false solutions.

I came across some very nice promises that always ended in failure.

But today, my websites generate a lot of money, and I know what really works.

And that’s why I want to spare you the usual blah, blah, blah.

If you want magic money, or if you want to become a millionaire overnight, you shouldn’t come to me.

If you’re here, it’s because you want something concrete, something serious.

It’s because you’d rather be sure of receiving up to $3163 MORE every month… guaranteed!

Rather than believe in golden promises and end up earning nothing.

And you’re right.

What exactly does this mini-job?

Let me warn you: you’re not going to earn money by doing nothing.

You’ll simply be copying and pasting little bits of text (and sometimes images) into a free Google extension.

You’ll be doing it for me, my existing businesses, and some other entrepreneurs I know and trust.

And the reason I’m offering this… is because it’s also going to help me generate more money.

Because these copy-pastes are extremely profitable for me. Take a look at what each of them is bringing in for me right now:

Remember, my sites generate millions of visitors.

That’s why I need 100 new partners. Because I can’t do those hundreds of copy-and-pastes every day on my own.

And in exchange, you earn up to $105.43 a day, paid via paypal or your current account!

By the way, some people earn up to $264 a day thanks to this mini-job (because they’ve been doing it for several months now):

But for the time being, you’ll be able to earn up to $105.43 a day, or up to $3,163 a month…

(That’s if you work every day and manage to get your place on time).

And then there’s Mateo, a medical student who thought he didn’t have the time, but who still cashes in several dozen euros every day:

If these people have had no trouble following the method and working, then you undoubtedly can too.

Here's what you can expect when you take the plunge with me:

First of all, you’ll be your own boss.

I’ll show you what to do, but nobody will tell you what to do.

You work if you want, where you want and, above all, when you want!

Imagine waking up at 9 a.m. with no stress at all.

Imagine having breakfast at the same time as you open the free google extension to do a little copying and pasting?

Spend 15-20 minutes on it when you wake up (or in the evening), and you’ll see the earnings appear on your dashboard within the hour.

Imagine seeing that $105.43 add up every day.

Imagine the look on your family’s faces when they find out that you’re earning more than you used to on the Internet, and that you’re your own boss.

Does this kind of daily life make you want to?

If so, I’ll show you how you can get started tonight.

Without having to send a CV or cover letter

X Without having to fill in a long form

X Without having to quit your job

All you have to do is follow this one-hour professional distance coaching.

All you have to do is train quickly to be able to apply the method correctly.

And that’s normal, if it takes a doctor 9 years of training to earn $5,000 a month…

IF it takes an engineer 6 years to earn $4,000 a month…

It can take you 30 minutes of training just to earn up to $3,163 a month for 15-20 minutes a day on your phone.

If you’re not prepared to put in that little normal effort, then you’re not someone I’m looking to work with.

On the other hand, if you’d like to get trained easily and start your new daily routine tomorrow, here’s what you need to do quickly:

If you want this mini-job, you need to act now and secure your place.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to exercise it and receive up to $105.43 per day.

Please note: Places are limited, as I don’t need more than 100 partners.

Let me reassure you: this coaching won’t cost you $1500 like most professional training courses today.

In fact, it won’t be $500… or $300… or even $100.

Because my aim is to help honest people who don’t earn enough, and encourage them to work with me.

But I still have to charge you a small fee for one simple reason:

To know WHO among you is really motivated, and therefore to make a selection.

I can’t afford to let just anyone in, at the risk of having people who do nothing among my partners. That would be a waste of my time and money.

It also saves you from having a tourist take YOUR place.

For these reasons, you will be asked to pay a tiny registration fee.

Click on the button to go on to the next step!

You’ll instantly be emailed a 30-minute tutorial showing you the WHOLE method.

Afterwards, you’ll be able to start working right away and earn up to $105.43 every day!

My team will be there to help you at any time.

Once you’ve booked your place, you’ll receive ALL the details you need by e-mail.

What’s more, you’ll have direct access to my WhatsApp number, where you can reach me 7 days a week if you need me.

And to make sure you make THE right decision, I also offer you my ironclad guarantee:

Either you earn money... Or pay nothing!

Here’s the guarantee I’d like to offer you:

If you are unable to implement the simple steps for any reason, even with my support and that of my team…

All you have to do is send me an e-mail or a message on my WhatsApp number and you’ll get a full refund.

Your place will then be automatically allocated to a new person on the waiting list.

So to sum up, you’re bound to win.

Either you really earn money with this job, or you pay nothing!

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